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Don’t let the busy look of the document workspace fool you—you can
customize this site with your own project-related information in just minutes,
adding documents to the library, inviting members and setting permissions,
adding links, and assigning tasks. The entire process can be completed in less
than 10 minutes, and no matter how much information you need to share,
you’ll have a central point for managing documents and communication related
to your team’s project.
How Can You Use the Document Workspace?
If your Internet business is preparing to launch a new custom Web service
for your subscribers, you can use the various elements in the document
workspace to organize and share information in this way:
In the Announcements area, you could let the group know
about news items relevant to the new service.
In Shared Documents, you can publish the latest specs on the
new service, a document reporting on the current user survey
results, the proposal and specifications of the software engineer
working on the project, and the latest version of the
documentation and marketing materials being prepared for the service.
In the Members area, you can list the various team members
working on the project (John, IT manager; Teresa, marketing;
Phil, software designer; Terri, project manager; Paul, customer
In the Tasks area, you can assign duties to each member. (Phil
evaluates prototype 2 and reports back; Teresa gets production
bids for the new promotional materials; John produces a
timeline for the prelaunch and launch events; Paul completes his
customer surveys and makes the results available online.)
The Links area provides team members with Web pages, online
documents, and additional sources of information (competitors’
sites, results of recent Web research, software specification
standards, project-management forms, links to graphic design
and printing resources).
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