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Whether you work in a software-related business, an insurance company,
a Fortune-500 corporation, or a small town hall, you’ll quickly grasp how using
this type of list-based information in a collaborative environment can reduce
the time you spend organizing people and agonizing over the details of data
management in teams.
Uploading Documents You can also upload files directly to your document
workspace on SharePoint Team Services by logging on to your team site and
clicking the Shared Documents header in your workspace site. In the Shared
Documents library, you can click the Upload Document link to display an
upload page. (See Figure 3-6.) Simply enter the name of the file you want to
add to the library (or click Browse to navigate to the folder on your local drive),
click Save, and click Close to upload the file and return to Shared Documents.
Figure 3-6 You can upload a document directly to your document
workspace by clicking Upload Document in the Shared Documents
Because business users often need to upload not only a single file but a
collection of files (for example, all files, notes, meeting minutes, and
presentations related to the new HR benefits package your team is evaluating),
SharePoint Team Services supports the uploading of multiple files as well. You
can click the Upload Multiple link on the Upload Document page to display a
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