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Windows Explorer–like list of folders and subfolders on the current drive. Click
the folder you want, and select the check box to the left of the displayed
documents to choose the files you want to upload; then click Save, and click
Close to start the process.
Enhanced Document Library Features Document libraries were a popular
feature of SharePoint Team Services version 1, enabling team members to
upload, store, and access developing documents and resources related to their
specific projects. A software group might store research documents, test
surveys, reviewer comments, and the developing documentation in a document
library. An HR team might collect information from various benefits providers,
contact information, proposals, sample client letters, proposal evaluations, and
more. A team focused on planning a corporate annual meeting might store in
their document library the various documents, presentations, and support notes
that will be distributed at the meeting, as well as a planned agenda and
participant list.
Using SharePoint and document workspaces, you can create multiple
document and form libraries and customize them to fit the needs of your particular
business. Document libraries house files related to your collaborative project
and support great features for document management, including versioning
(with which you can ensure that the most recent version of the file is in use)
and check in/check out, which controls access to files so that only one user can
modify a file at any given time.
Versioning You can keep track of different copies of the same documents
using the new versioning feature in SharePoint. After you’ve created and
uploaded a document into a document library, you can track the various
versions of the document and identify and remove outdated versions from the
library. Versioning features are supported throughout SharePoint and in Word,
Excel, and PowerPoint. The Shared Workspace pane also displays version
information in the Information tab.
Note Versioning is disabled by default. To enable versioning, go to
the document library you want to use, select the library, and click
Modify settings and columns in the Actions section of the Quick Launch
bar. Under General Settings, click Change general settings and scroll
down to Document Versions. Click Yes to enable versioning, and click
OK to save the change.
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