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Document Check In and Check Out Another new document-management
feature in SharePoint is the check-in/check-out feature, which helps you make
sure that no more than one person is working on a file at a time. You check out
a document by clicking its context menu in the document library and choosing
Check Out. When you check out a file, the file is copied to the server (or your
standalone system), where you can work with it until you want to make it
available through check in.
Tip Team members can find out whether a document is checked in
or out on the Status tab of the Shared Workspace task pane.
When you want to check a document back in, return to the Document
Library and click the document’s down arrow. Choosing Check In prompts
SharePoint to give you the option of returning the document to team view in
the library, saving changes to the site but keeping the document checked out,
or discarding your changes and undoing the check-out procedure.
(See Figure 3-7.)
Figure 3-7 When you have revised a shared document, you can return
it to the library by checking it in.
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