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Web Discussions If you’ve ever been the last recipient in a long list of reviewers
for a specific document, you know how hard it is to read through everyone
else’s comments and add your own. Further, if you’re working in a document
with Track Changes enabled, your revisions might pile on enough comments
that the document file crashes or is unreadable because of the dozens of
balloons packed into the right margin.
Web discussions are now part of SharePoint Team Services, and they allow
you and your teammates to review and discuss documents without actually
making changes to the document file. No check in or check out required. To
enable Web discussions on a particular document in your document workspace,
simply click the down arrow for the document in the Shared Documents library;
then choose Discuss from the context menu. The document is displayed in a
reading pane, and the Discussions toolbar appears along the bottom of the
viewing area. To add a comment, click New Comment; the Enter Discussion
Text dialog box appears. (See Figure 3-8.) You can then enter a title and the text
and click OK. Web discussion threads are saved independently of the document
under review, so no changes are actually made to the document itself.
Figure 3-8 Web discussions enable you to comment on shared
documents without making changes in the file.
The Discussions toolbar includes an Alert Me tool, which automatically
creates an alert that lets you know when the document is changed, reviewed, or
commented on in the future. Outlook coordinates the alerts along with
SharePoint and receives e-mail messages notifying you of changes according to
the frequency you specify.
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