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Figure 3-9 You can create a new meeting workspace when you send
out meeting invitations in Outlook.
Linking to an Existing Workspace
If you’ve previously created a meeting workspace and you’re ready to add a
new meeting request as part of that meeting, both Outlook and SharePoint
will keep track of your workspaces and enable you to link directly to an
existing workspace. From Outlook, you can create a new meeting request
that’s part of an existing meeting workspace by clicking the Change
settings link to display the Meeting Workspace settings pane. Click the Link
To An Existing Workspace button, click the Select The Workspace down
arrow, and then choose the existing meeting workspace from the list.
If you’re unsure about the meeting workspace you’ve selected, you
can verify that you’ve chosen the right one by clicking the View Workspace
link. The meeting workspace you are linking to is displayed in your
browser so that you can verify that you’re hooking up with the right site.
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