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If you’re working on your SharePoint Team Services site, you can create a
new meeting workspace when you set up a new event. Scroll to the Events
section of your SharePoint main page, and click the Add a new event link. On
the New Items page, enter event information (the title of the meeting, the start
and end times, a brief description if needed, and so on); then select the
Workspace check box to create a new meeting workspace. (See Figure 3-10.)
Figure 3-10 You can set up a new meeting workspace when you create
an event in SharePoint Team Services.
After you click Save and click Close on the New Item page, you are taken
to a page that enables you to create a new meeting workspace or link to an
existing workspace. Enter the workspace title (the name of the event you just
created is inserted by default), and fill in other pertinent information. You also
have the option of setting user permissions for access to the meeting. (See the
section “Setting User Permissions” for more about securing data on your
SharePoint site.)
After you click OK, you can select one of six meeting workspace
templates. Each template includes a different set of list items that you can use
to organize the information, documents, and people involved with your
meeting. Table 3-1, on the next page, introduces you to the different meeting
workspace templates.
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