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Sharing Contacts
You can also share your Contacts in much the same way as you can your
calendar events. From your SharePoint Team Services site, click Contacts in the
Quick Launch area. To link your SharePoint Team contacts to your Outlook
contacts, click Link To Contacts. Outlook alerts you that permission has been
requested to add a SharePoints Team Services folder to Outlook. Click Yes to
continue. The folder is added under Other Contacts in the Navigation Pane of
your Outlook Contacts view.
You can also upload your Contacts list (or a group or individual in your
Contacts list) to share with the team. To add contacts to the SharePoint list, click
Import Contacts on the Contacts page. When the Select Users To Import dialog
box appears, choose the names you want to import, and click Add; repeat as
many times as needed, and click OK.
Note You can add information for people only you contact in My
Contacts view to keep it separate from the contacts shared by the rest
of the team. For example, suppose that it’s your job to work with the
writer, illustrator, and photographer for the corporate history project,
but the rest of your team has no reason to contact them. You can add
those contacts to your My Contacts view so that you can find them
easily. To display that view, click the link under Select A View in the
SharePoint Team Services page and then click Import Contacts to add
users to your personal contact list.
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