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Setting SharePoint Alerts
Throughout SharePoint Team Services, you can set alerts documents and
activities so that you receive notification when items are added, changed,
deleted, or discussed. (See Figure 3-14.) You also can set the frequency of alerts
and determine whether you receive immediate, daily, or weekly summaries of
changes in the library.
Figure 3-14 You can sign up for alerts on your SharePoint Team
Services site so that you know when changes are made.
You might use alerts, for example, when you’re working with
timesensitive material and need to make all changes by a certain date. Instead of
checking the site each day to see whether a member has uploaded his or her
portion of the document, you can assign an alert to the library so that when a
new file is added, an automatic e-mail arrives in your Inbox telling you so. This
leaves you free to worry about more pressing matters, while SharePoint and
Outlook take care of keeping you up to date.
After you set up alerts, a message is delivered to your Inbox letting you
know that the alert was created successfully. This is the type of message you’ll
receive when documents are added, removed, checked in, or discussed. Two
links in the message always give you the option of accessing the team site to
review the changes or going to the alerts-management page to review and
modify your alert settings. (See Figure 3-15.)
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