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Figure 3-15 E-mail alerts arrive in Outlook telling you about changes
that have been made and providing links back to the document library and
your alert-management settings.
Improved SharePoint Features
SharePoint Team Services version 1 provided a way to create a quick, smart
solution to the challenge of organizing work teams both inside and outside
organizations. In version 2 of SharePoint Team Services, a number of features
have been added and improved to make site creation as simple and fast as
possible, using out-of-the-box features users can customize later if they choose.
Now, in SharePoint, you can literally create a meeting request, and in the time
it takes you to fill out the form and click Send, you can create a new meeting
workspace, using one of six predefined workspace templates.
In addition to the fast functionality and ease-of-use features, SharePoint
Team Services now includes the following enhancements:
New field types now include calculated columns that allow the use
of formulas and expressions in lists.
New and improved view options give you pre-designed views and
enable you to create new views with columns and styles to match
your specific categories.
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