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A new survey feature enables you to create online surveys to collect
information from team members. By following a simple process, you
can set up questions and choose response types that will give you
the information you need. Participants can then take the survey
online (see Figure 3-17, on the next page), and administrators can
view, chart, and export survey results for use in other Office
Figure 3-17 Create and use online surveys to gather important data
about the projects you’re managing.
This chapter has given you a first look at SharePoint Team Services version 2,
providing ideas on how you can use the various features of the program and
exploring how it extends the collaboration and communication features built
into Office 2003. We’ve touched on the main characteristics of SharePoint here,
but there’s much more to discover. When you get the chance, explore on your
own. As a key point in extending the collaborative nature of Office 2003,
SharePoint Team Services enables you to bring people, ideas, and resources
together in a new way to get your work done effectively, efficiently, and
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