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Inserting a Section Break for Formatting Purposes
Figure 2-1:
breaks in
Draft view.
To delete a section break, make sure that you are in Draft view so that you
can see section breaks, click the dotted line, and press the Delete key.
Book II
Chapter 2
Seeing what the formats are
Sometimes seeing how text was formatted
merely by looking is difficult. However, by
pressing Shift+F1, you can see precisely how
text and paragraphs were formatted in the
Reveal Formatting task pane. It describes how
the text, paragraph, and section where the
cursor is located are formatted.
While the Reveal Formatting task pane is open,
you can take advantage of these amenities:
Compare one part of a document to
another: Click the Compare to Another
Section check box and then click another
part of your document. The Reveal
Formatting task pane describes how the
two parts differ. Knowing how parts of a
document differ can be invaluable when
you’re creating and modifying styles.
Find out which style was assigned: Click
the Distinguish Style Source check box.
The task pane lists the style you assigned
to the part of your document where the
cursor is located.
See the formatting marks: Click the Show
All Formatting Marks check box. You can
see where paragraphs end, where line
breaks are, and where tab spaces were
entered. Clicking this check box has the
same results as clicking the Show/Hide
¶ button on the Home tab.
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