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Breaking a Line
In the same way that paragraph marks store formats for a paragraph, section
breaks store formats for an entire section. When you delete a section break,
you apply new formats, because the section is folded into the section that
formerly followed it and the section you deleted adopts that next section’s
formats. Because it’s easy to accidentally delete a section break and create
havoc, I recommend working in Draft view when your document has many
section breaks. In Draft view, you can tell where a section ends because
Section Break and a double dotted line appear on-screen. The only way
to tell where a section ends in Print Layout view is to click the Show/Hide
button on the Home tab. (You can make section information appear on the
status bar. Right-click the status bar and choose Section on the pop-up
Breaking a Line
To break a line of text before it reaches the right margin without starting
a new paragraph, press Shift+Enter. Figure 2-2 shows how you can press
Shift+Enter to make lines break better. The paragraphs are identical, but I
broke lines in the right-side paragraph to make the text easier to read. Line
breaks are marked with the ¿ symbol. To erase line breaks, click the Show/
Hide button to see these symbols and then backspace over them.
Figure 2-2:
Break lines
to make
Starting a New Page
Word gives you another page so that you can keep going when you fill up
one page. But what if you’re impatient and want to start a new page right
away? Whatever you do, don’t press Enter again and again until you fill up
the page. Instead, create a hard page break by doing one the following on the
Insert tab:
Click the Page Break button (or press Ctrl+Enter). Word starts a new
page at the cursor position. (You can also go to the Page Layout tab,
click the Breaks button, and choose Page on the drop-down list.)
Click the Blank Page button. Word enters two hard page breaks to create
an empty, blank page at the cursor position.
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