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Putting Headers and Footers on Pages
Figure 2-7:
headers and
footers on
the (Header
& Footer
Design tab.
Book II
Chapter 2
Creating, editing, and removing headers and footers
Follow these instructions to create, edit, and delete headers and footers:
Creating a header or footer: On the Insert tab, click the Header or the
Footer button, and choose a header or footer on the gallery. The gallery
presents headers or footers with preformatted page numbers, dates,
and places to enter a document title and author’s name. Click More
Headers (or Footers) from to download headers or footers
from Microsoft. (Later in this chapter, “Fine-tuning a header or footer”
explains how to insert the date and time and change headers and
footers from section to section.)
Choosing a different header or footer: Don’t like the header or footer
you chose? If necessary, double-click your header or footer to display
the (Header & Footer Tools) Design tab. Then click the Header or Footer
button and choose a new header or footer from the gallery.
Editing a header or footer: Double-click the header or footer. The
cursor moves into the header or footer so that you can enter or format
text. You can also click the Header or the Footer button and choose Edit
Header or Edit Footer on the drop-down list.
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