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Creating Numbered and Bulleted Lists
Creating Numbered and Bulleted Lists
What is a word-processed document without a list or two? It’s like an
emperor with no clothes. Numbered lists are invaluable in manuals and
books like this one that present a lot of step-by-step procedures. Use
bulleted lists when you want to present alternatives to the reader. A bullet is a
black, filled-in circle or other character. These pages explain numbered lists,
bulleted lists, and multilevel lists.
Simple numbered and bulleted lists
The fastest, cleanest, and most honest way to create a numbered or bulleted
list is to enter the text without any concern for numbers or bullets. Just press
Enter at the end of each step or bulleted entry. When you’re done, select the
list, go to the Home tab, and click the Numbering or Bullets button. You can
also click the Numbering or Bullets button and start typing the list. Each time
you press Enter, Word enters the next number or another bullet.
Meanwhile, here are some tricks for handling lists:
Ending a list: Press the Enter key twice after typing the last entry in the
list. You can also right-click the list, choose Bullets or Numbering, and
choose None on the submenu.
Removing the numbers or bullets: Select the list and click the
Numbering or Bullets button.
Adjusting how far a list is indented: Right-click anywhere in the list,
choose Adjust List Indents, and enter a new measurement in the Text
Indent box.
Resuming a numbered list: Suppose that you want a numbered list to
resume where a list you entered earlier ended. In other words, suppose
that you left off writing a four-step list, put in a graphic or some
paragraphs, and now you want to resume the list at Step 5. Click the
Numbering button to start numbering again. The AutoCorrect Options
button appears. Click it and choose Continue Numbering, or right-click
and choose Continue Numbering on the shortcut menu.
Starting a new list: Suppose that you want to start a brand-new list right
away. Right-click the number Word entered and choose Restart at 1 on
the shortcut menu.
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