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Applying Styles to Text and Paragraphs
Linked (paragraph and character): Apply paragraph formats as well as
text formats throughout a paragraph. These styles are marked with the
paragraph symbol ( ) as well as the letter a.
Applying Styles to Text and Paragraphs
Word offers several ways to apply a style, and you are invited to choose
the one that works best for you. These pages explain how to apply a style
and tell Word how to present style names in the various places where style
names are presented for your enjoyment and pleasure.
Book II
Chapter 3
Applying a style
The first step in applying a style is to select the part of your document that
needs a style change:
A paragraph or paragraphs: Because paragraph styles apply to all the
text in a paragraph, you need only click in a paragraph before applying
a style to make a style apply throughout the paragraph. To apply a style
to several paragraphs, select all or part of them.
Text: To apply a character style, select the letters whose formatting you
want to change.
Next, apply the style with one of these techniques:
Styles gallery: On the Home tab, choose a style in the Styles gallery
(depending on the size of your screen, you may have to click the Styles
button first). Figure 3-2 shows where the Styles gallery is located. The
formatted letters above each style name in the gallery show you what
your style choice will do to paragraphs or text. You can ”live-preview”
styles on the Styles gallery by moving the pointer over style names.
Styles pane: On the Home tab, click the Styles group button to open the
Styles pane, and select a style, as shown in Figure 3-2. Click the Show
Preview check box at the bottom of the Styles pane to see formatted
style names in the pane and get an idea of what the different styles are.
You can drag the Styles pane to different locations on your screen. It
remains on-screen after you leave the Home tab.
Apply Styles task pane: Choose a style on the Apply Styles task pane,
as shown in Figure 3-2. To display this task pane, go to the Home tab,
open the Styles gallery, and choose Apply Styles (look for this option at
the bottom of the gallery). You can drag the Apply Styles task pane to a
corner of the screen. As does the Styles pane, the Apply Styles task pane
remains on-screen after you leave the Home tab.
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