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Creating a New Style
Select How List Is Sorted: Choose an option to describe how to list styles.
Except for Based On, these options, I think, are self-explanatory. The Based
On option lists styles in alphabetical order according to which style each
style is based on (later in this chapter, “Creating a style from the ground
up” explains how the based on setting is used in constructing styles).
Select Formatting to Show As Styles: Choose options to declare which
styles to list — those that pertain to paragraph level formatting, fonts,
and bulleted and numbered lists.
Select How Built-In Style Names Are Shown: Choose options to tell how
to handle built-in styles, the obscure styles that Word applies on its own
when you create tables of contents and other self-generating lists.
Book II
Chapter 3
Apply to this document or to the template as well: Click the Only in
This Document option button to apply your choices only to the
document you’re working on; click the New Documents Based on This
Template option button to apply your choices to your document and to
all future documents you create with the template you’re using.
Creating a New Style
You can create a new style by creating it from a paragraph or building it
from the ground up. To do a thorough job, build it from the ground up
because styles you create this way can be made part of the template you
are currently working in and can be copied to other templates (later in this
chapter, “Creating and Managing Templates” explains templates).
Determining which style is in use
How can you tell which style has been applied
to a paragraph or text? Sometimes you need to
know which style is in play before you decide
whether applying a different style is necessary.
Click the paragraph or text and use these
techniques to find out which style was applied to it:
Glance at the Styles gallery and Styles
pane to see which style is selected. The
selected style is the one that was applied
to your paragraph or text.
Click the Style Inspector button at the
bottom of the Style pane. The Style Inspector
pane opens and lists the current style.
Press Shift+F1. The Reveal Formatting
task pane opens. It lists the style that was
applied to the paragraph or text.
If you’re especially keen to know about styles
in your document, you can make style names
appear to the left of the text in Outline and Draft
view. On the Find tab, choose Options. In the
Word Options dialog box, go to the Advanced
tab and enter .5 or another measurement in
the Style Area Pane Width in Draft and Outline
Views box (look for this box under “Display”).
You can drag the border of the Style Area pane
to enlarge or shrink it.
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