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Creating a New Style
Creating a style from a paragraph
Follow these steps to create a new style from a paragraph:
1. Click in a paragraph whose formatting you want to turn into a style.
2. On the Home tab, open the Styles gallery and choose Create a Style.
You see the Create New Style from Formatting dialog box.
3. Enter a name for your new style.
4. Click OK.
A style you create this way becomes a part of the document you’re
working on; it isn’t made part of the template from which you created
your document.
Creating a style from the ground up
To make a style available in documents you will create in the future, make it
part of a template and build it from the ground up. In the Styles pane, click
the New Style button (you can find it at the bottom of the pane). You see the
Create New Style from Formatting dialog box shown in Figure 3-5. Fill in the
dialog box and click OK.
Figure 3-5:
spankingnew style.
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