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Creating and Managing Templates
Assembling styles from different documents and templates
Suppose that you like a style in one document and you want to copy it to
another so that you can use it there. Or you want to copy it to a template to
make it available to documents created with the template. Read on to find
out how to copy styles between documents and between templates.
Copying a style from one document to another
Copy a style from one document to another when you need the style on a
one-time basis. Follow these steps:
1. Select a paragraph that was assigned the style you want to copy.
Book II
Chapter 3
Be sure to select the entire paragraph. If you want to copy a character
style, select text to which you have assigned the character style.
2. Press Ctrl+C or right-click and choose Copy to copy the paragraph to
the Clipboard.
3. Switch to the document you want to copy the style to and press Ctrl+V
or click the Paste button on the Home tab.
4. Delete the text you just copied to your document.
The style remains in the Styles pane and Styles gallery even though the
text is deleted. You can call upon the style whenever you need it.
Copying styles to a template
Use the Organizer to copy styles from a document to a template or from one
template to another. After making a style a part of a template, you can call
upon the style in other documents. You can call upon it in each document
you create or created with the template. Follow these steps to copy a style
into a template:
1. Open the document or template with the styles you want to copy.
Later in this chapter, “Opening a template so that you can modify it”
explains how to open a template.
2. In the Styles pane, click the Manage Styles button.
This button is located at the bottom of the window. The Manage Styles
dialog box appears.
3. Click the Import/Export button.
You see the Organizer dialog box shown in Figure 3-7. Styles in the
document or template that you opened in Step 1 appear in the In list box on
the left side.
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