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Creating and Managing Templates
Attaching a different template to a document
It happens in the best of families. You create
or are given a document only to discover that
the wrong template is attached to it. For times
like those, Word gives you the opportunity to
switch templates. Follow these steps:
1. On the Developer tab, click the Document
Template button.
You see the Templates and Add-Ins dialog
box. If the Developer tab isn’t displayed
on your screen, go to the File tab, choose
Options, visit the Customize Ribbon
category in the Word Options dialog box, select
the Developer check box, and click OK.
2. Click the Attach button to open the Attach
Template dialog box.
3. Find and select the template you want and
click the Open button.
You return to the Templates and Add-ins
dialog box, where the name of the
template you chose appears in the Document
Template box.
4. Click the Automatically Update Document
Styles check box.
Doing so tells Word to apply the styles from
the new template to your document.
5. Click OK.
Book II
Chapter 3
Opening a template so that you can modify it
Follow these steps to open a template in Word and be able to modify it:
1. On the File tab, choose Open.
You see the Open window.
2. Click Computer.
3. Click the Browse button.
4. In the Open dialog box, go to the Templates folder where you store
See the sidebar “Telling Word where templates are stored,” earlier in
this chapter, if you have trouble finding the Templates folder.
5. Select the template.
6. Click the Open button.
The template opens in the Word window. Style modifications you make
in the template become available to all documents that were fashioned
from the template.
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