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Creating and Managing Templates
Modifying, deleting, and renaming
styles in templates
Modify, delete, and rename styles in a template the same way you do those
tasks to styles in a document (see “Modifying a Style” earlier in this
chapter). However, in the Modify Style dialog box, select the New Documents
Based on This Template option button before clicking OK.
Your style modifications will apply to all documents you create in the future
with your template. For the style modifications to take effect in documents
you already created with your template, tell Word to automatically update
document styles in those documents. Follow these steps:
1. Save and close your template if it is still open.
If any documents you fashioned from the template are open, close them
as well.
2. Open a document that you want to update with the style modifications
you made to the template.
3. Go to the Developer tab.
To display this tab if necessary, open the File tab, choose Options, go to
the Customize Ribbon category in the Word Options dialog box, select
the Developer check box, and click OK.
4. Click the Document Template button.
The Templates and Add-ins dialog box opens. It should list the path to
the Templates folder and the template you modified. If the wrong
template is listed, click the Attach button and select the correct template in
the Attach Template dialog box.
5. Select the Automatically Update Document Styles check box.
6. Click OK.
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