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Laying Out Your Table
Adjusting column and row size
Resizing columns and rows can be problematic in Word. For that reason,
Word offers special commands on the (Table Tools) Layout tab for adjusting
the width and height of rows and columns:
Making all columns the same width: Click the Distribute Columns
button to make all columns the same width. Select columns before
giving this command to make only the columns you select the same
Making all rows the same height: Click the Distribute Rows button to
make all rows in the table the same height. Select rows before clicking
the button to make only the rows you select the same height.
Book II
Chapter 4
You can also click the AutoFit button on the (Table Tools) Layout tab, and
take advantage of these commands on the drop-down list for handling
columns and rows:
AutoFit Contents: Make each column wide enough to accommodate its
widest entry.
AutoFit Window: Stretch the table so that it fits across the page
between the left and right margin.
Fixed Column Width: Fix the column widths at their current settings.
Inserting columns and rows
The trick to inserting (and deleting) columns and rows is to correctly select
part of the table first. You can insert more than one column or row at a time
by selecting more than one column or row before giving the Insert
command. To insert two columns, for example, select two columns and choose
an Insert command; to insert three rows, select three rows and choose an
Insert command. Earlier in this chapter, “Selecting Different Parts of a Table”
explains how to make table selections.
Word offers many, many ways to insert columns and rows. Too many ways,
if you ask me.
On the (Table Tools) Layout tab
Go to the (Table Tools) Layout tab and follow these instructions to insert
and delete columns and rows:
Inserting columns: Select a column or columns and click the Insert Left
or Insert Right button.
Inserting rows: Select a row or rows and click the Insert Above or Insert
Below button.
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