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Laying Out Your Table
To insert a row at the end of a table, move the pointer into the last cell in the
last row and press the Tab key.
Follow these steps to insert columns or rows by right-clicking:
1. Select column or rows.
2. Right-click to display the mini-toolbar.
Figure 4-3 shows the mini-toolbar you see when you right-click a table.
3. Click the Insert button on the mini-toolbar.
4. Click an Insert button (Above, Below, Left, or Right).
Figure 4-3:
oneclick and
for inserting
and rows.
One-Click Row and One-Click Column buttons
To insert one row or one column, click a One-Click button, as shown in
Figure 4-3. The One-Click Column button appears when you move the pointer
between columns at the top of a table; the One-Click Row button appears
when you move the pointer between rows on the left side of a table. Click a
One-Click button to insert one column or one row.
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