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Merging and Splitting Cells
Figure 4-4 shows where the Align buttons are on the (Table Tools) Layout
tab and how these options align text in a table.
Book II
Chapter 4
Figure 4-4:
Word offers
nine ways to
align text.
Merging and Splitting Cells
Merge and split cells to make your tables a little more elegant than
run-ofthe-mill tables. Merge cells to break down the barriers between cells and
join them into one cell; split cells to divide a single cell into several cells (or
several cells into several more cells). In the table shown in Figure 4-5, cells
in rows and columns have been split or merged to create a curious-looking
little table.
Select the cells you want to merge or split, go to the (Table Tools) Layout
tab, and follow these instructions to merge or split cells:
Merging cells: Click the Merge Cells button (you can also right-click and
choose Merge Cells).
Splitting cells: Click the Split Cells button (you can also right-click and
choose Split Cells). In the Split Cells dialog box, declare how many
columns and rows you want to split the cell into and then click OK.
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