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Neat Table Tricks
Follow these steps to change the direction of text on a table.
1. Select the row that needs a change of text direction.
Usually, that’s the first row in a table.
2. Go to the (Table Tools) Layout tab.
3. Keep clicking the Text Direction button until text lands where you
want it to land.
You may have to click the Alignment button before you can see the Text
Direction button.
4. Change the height of the row to make the vertical text fit.
As “Changing the size of a table, columns, and rows” explains earlier in
this chapter, you can change the height of a row by going to the (Table
Tools) Layout tab and entering a measurement in the Height box.
Wrapping text around a table
Nothing is sadder than a forlorn little table all alone on a page. To keep
tables from being lonely, you can wrap text around them, as shown in
Figure 4-11.
Figure 4-11:
Wrap text to
keep tables
from being
To wrap text around a table, drag it into the text (drag the selection handle
in the upper-left corner of the table). Nine times out of ten, that’s all there is
to it, but if the text doesn’t wrap correctly, follow these steps to wrap your
1. On the (Table Tools) Layout tab, click the Cell Size group button.
The Table Properties dialog box opens.
2. On the Table tab, under Text Wrapping, select the Around option.
3. Click the Positioning button.
The Table Positioning dialog box appears.
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