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Correcting Your Spelling Errors
Figure 5-2:
Correcting a
in the
task pane.
If the word in question isn’t a misspelling, tell your program how to handle
the word by clicking one of these buttons:
Ignore: Ignores this instance of the misspelling but stops on it again if
the same misspelling appears later.
Ignore All: Ignores the misspelling throughout the document you’re
working on and in all other open documents as well.
Change/Delete: Enters the selected word in the document where the
misspelling used to be. When the same word appears twice in a row,
the Delete button appears. Click the Delete button to delete the second
word in the pair.
Change All: Replaces all instances of the misspelled word with the word
that you select. Click the Change All button to correct a misspelling that
occurs throughout a document.
Add: Adds the misspelling to the Office spelling dictionary. By clicking
the Add button, you tell Word that the misspelling is a legitimate word
or name.
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