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Getting a Word Definition
If you want to fine-tune how Word runs its grammar checker, go to the File
tab and choose Options, and in the Word Options dialog box, go to the
Proofing category. Under When Correcting Spelling and Grammar in Word,
choose whether to mark grammatical errors with blue lines, check for
grammatical as well as spelling errors, and in the Writing Style drop-down list,
how stringent you want the rules of grammar to be. Choose Grammar &
Style, not Grammar Only, if you want Word to enforce style rules as well as
the rules of grammar.
Figure 5-3:
with the
Getting a Word Definition
Rather than reach for a large, unwieldy dictionary, you can get a word
definition in the Dictionary task pane, as shown in Figure 5-4. Click the word that
needs defining and use one of these techniques to get its definition:
On the Review tab, click the Define button.
Press Ctrl+F7.
The first time you seek a word definition, the Definition task pane gives you
the opportunity to download a dictionary to your computer. Downloading a
dictionary costs nothing and takes but a moment.
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