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Finding and Replacing Text
Figure 5-4:
task pane in
Book II
Chapter 5
Finding and Replacing Text
Use the Find command to locate a name or text passage. Use its twin, the
powerful Replace command, to find and replace a name or text passage
throughout a document. For an idea of how useful the Replace command is,
imagine that the company you work for just changed its name and the old
company name is in many different places. By using the Replace command,
you can replace the old company name with the new name throughout a
long document in a matter of seconds.
The basics: Finding stray words and phrases
To locate stray words, names, text passages, and formats, follow these basic
1. Press Ctrl+F or go to the Home tab and click the Find button.
The Navigation pane appears so that you can enter search criteria in the
Results tab, as shown in Figure 5-5.
2. Enter the word or phrase in the search text box.
After you enter the word or phrase, the Navigation pane lists each
instance of the term you’re looking for and the term is highlighted in
your document wherever it is found (see Figure 5-5).
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