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Finding and Replacing Text
Figure 5-5:
a Find
operation in
3. If you want to conduct a narrow search, click the Find Options
button — located to the right of the Search text box in the Navigation
pane — and make a choice on the drop-down list.
Later in this chapter, “Narrowing your search” explains how to make
searches more efficient by choosing options on this drop-down list.
4. Click an instance of the search term in the Navigation pane to scroll to
a location in your document where the search term is located.
To go from search term to search term, you can also scroll in the
Navigation pane, click the Previous button or Next button (located
below the Search text box), or press Ctrl+Page Up or Ctrl+Page Down.
Narrowing your search
To narrow your search, click the Find Options button in the Navigation pane,
as shown in Figure 5-6. Then choose an option on the drop-down list:
Options: Opens the Find Options dialog box so that you can select
options to narrow your search. Table 5-1 explains these options.
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