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Finding and Replacing Text
Table 5-1
Search Options in the Find Options and
Find and Replace Dialog Box
Match Case
Searches for words with upper- and lowercase letters
that exactly match those in the search text box. When
the Match Case option is selected, a search for bow finds
bow, but not Bow or BOW.
Find Whole Words
Normally, a search for bow yields elbow, bowler,
bowwow, and all other words with the letters b-o-w (in that
order). Choose this option and you get only bow.
Use Wildcards
Choose this option to use wildcards in searches. (See
“Using wildcard operators to refine searches,” later in
this chapter.)
Sounds Like
Search for words that sound like the one in the Search
text box. A search for bow with this option selected finds
beau, for example. However, it doesn’t find bough. This
command isn’t very reliable.
Find All Word
Takes into account verb conjugations and plurals in
searches. With this option, you get bows, bowing, and
bowed as well as bow.
Highlight All
Highlights search results on the page. (Click the Reading
Highlight button in the Find and Replace dialog box.)
Incremental Find 1
Searches for and highlights text as you type it in the
Search text box.
Match Prefix
A prefix is a syllable appearing before the root or stem of
a word to alter its meaning. For example, co, mid, non, and
un are prefixes in the words coauthor, midtown,
nonviolent, and unselfish. Choose this option and enter a prefix in
the Find What text box to locate words that begin with the
prefix you enter.
Match Suffix
A suffix is a syllable or two appearing at the end of a word
that alters its meaning. For example, age, fish, and ness
are suffixes in the words spillage, smallish, and darkness.
Choose this option and enter a suffix in the Find What text
box to find words that end with the same suffix.
Ignore Punctuation
Search in text for word phrases without regard for
commas, periods, and other punctuation marks. For
example, a search for Yuma Arizona finds Yuma, Arizona (with a
comma) in the text.
Ignore White Space
Search in text for word phrases without regard for white
space caused by multiple blank spaces or tab entries.
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