Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Finding and Replacing Text
To Find/Replace
Manual page break
No-width non break
No-width optional break
Paragraph break (ΒΆ)
Section break 1
Section character
Tab space ( β†’ )
Punctuation Marks
1/4 em space
Book II
Chapter 5
Caret (^)
Em dash (β€”)
En dash (–)
Full-width ellipses
Nonbreaking hyphen
Optional hyphen
^White space (one or more blank spaces) 1
Characters and Symbols
Foreign character
You can type foreign characters in
the Find What and Replace With
text boxes
ANSI and ASCII characters and symbols
^nnnn , where nnnn is the four-digit
Any character 1
Any digit 1
Any letter 1
Clipboard contents 2
Contents of the Find What box 2
Elements of Reports and Scholarly
Endnote mark 1
Footnote mark 1
Graphic 1
1 For use in find operations only
2 For use in replace operations only
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