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Researching a Topic Inside Word
The key to a successful find-and-replace operation is making sure you find
exactly what you want to find and replace. One way to make sure that you
find the right text is to start by running a Find operation. If the program finds
precisely the text you want, you’re in business. Click the Replace tab in the
Find and Replace dialog box and then enter the replacement text.
To locate and replace words, names, or text passages with the Find
command, follow these steps:
1. Press Ctrl+H or go to the Home tab and click the Replace button.
The Find and Replace dialog box appears (see Figure 5-7).
Book II
Chapter 5
2. Describe the text that needs replacing.
Earlier in this chapter, “The basics: Finding stray words and phrases”
explains how to construct a search. Try to narrow your search so you
find only the text you’re looking for.
3. Click the Find Next button.
Did your program find what you’re looking for? If it didn’t, describe the
search again.
4. Enter the replacement text in the Replace With text box.
You can select replacement text from the drop-down list.
5. Either replace everything simultaneously or do it one at a time.
Click one of these buttons:
• ClickReplaceAlltomakeallreplacementsinaninstant.
ClickFindNextandtheneitherclickReplacetomakethereplacement or Find Next to bypass it.
Click the Replace All button only if you are very, very confident that the
thing your program found is the thing you want to replace.
Be sure to examine your document after you conduct a find-and-replace
operation. You never know what the powerful Replace command will do. If
the command makes a hash of your document, click the Undo button.
Researching a Topic Inside Word
Thanks to the Research task pane, your desk needn’t be as crowded as before.
The Research task pane offers dictionaries, foreign language dictionaries, a
thesaurus, language translators, and encyclopedias, as well as Internet
searching, all available from inside Word (and the other Office programs too). As
shown in Figure 5-8, the Research task pane can save you a trip to the library.
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