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Researching a Topic Inside Word
Figure 5-8:
task pane is
like a mini
The task pane offers menus and buttons for steering a search in different
directions, but no matter what you want to research in the Research task
pane, start your search the same way:
1. Either click in a word or select the words that you want to research.
For example, if you want to translate a word, click it. Clicking a word or
selecting words saves you the trouble of entering words in the Search
For text box, but if no word in your document describes what you want
to research, don’t worry about it. You can enter the subject of your
search later.
2. Alt+click the word or words you want to research. (In Excel
and PowerPoint, you can also click the Research button on the
Review tab.)
The Research task pane appears (refer to Figure 5-8). If you’ve
researched since you started running Word, the options you chose for
researching last time appear in the task pane.
3. Enter a research term in the Search For text box (if one isn’t there
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