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Translating Foreign Language Text
Follow these steps to translate foreign language text:
1. Select the word or phrase that needs translating.
2. On the Review tab, click the Translate button and choose a Translate
option on the drop-down list.
Office offers these ways to translate words:
Translate Document: Word sends the text to a translation service,
and the translated text appears on a web page. Copy the text and do
what you will with it. (If the wrong translation languages are listed,
choose correct languages from the drop-down lists.)
Translate Selected Text: The Research task pane opens, as shown in
Figure 5-11. Choose a From and To option to translate the word from
one language to another.
Mini Translator: After you choose this option, move the pointer
over the word you need translated. A little toolbar appears with the
translation. You can click the Play button on the toolbar to hear the
translation. (If the Mini Translator command doesn’t list the correct
language, click the Translate button, select the Choose Translation
Language option, and select a language in the Translation Language
Options dialog box.)
Figure 5-11:
Use the
task pane
to translate
a word or
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