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Making Use of Charts, Diagrams, Shapes, Clip Art, and Photos
To place a cover page at the start of a document, go to the Insert tab and
click the Cover Page button.
Figure 6-3:
readymade cover
Book II
Chapter 6
Making Use of Charts, Diagrams,
Shapes, Clip Art, and Photos
Figure 6-4 shows a newsletter that includes a chart, diagram, shape,
clip-art image, and photo. You are invited to include these items in your
Word documents, and you’ll be glad to know that including them isn’t
very much trouble.
Charts: A chart is an excellent way to present data for comparison
purposes. The pie slices, bars, columns, or lines tell readers right away
which business is more productive, for example, or who received the
most votes. Book VIII, Chapter 1 explains how to create charts.
Diagrams: A diagram allows readers to quickly grasp an idea,
relationship, or concept. Instead of explaining an abstract idea, you can portray
it in a diagram. Book VIII, Chapter 2 explains diagrams.
Shapes and lines: Shapes and lines can also illustrate ideas and
concepts. You can also use them for decorative purposes in Word
documents. Book VIII, Chapter 4 explains how to draw lines, arrows, and
Clip-art and photos: Clip-art and photos make a document livelier. They
add a little color to documents. Book VIII, Chapter 3 explains how to
place clip-art images and photos in documents.
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