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Working with the Drawing Canvas
Figure 6-4:
includes a
photo, chart,
shape, and
Working with the Drawing Canvas
As Book VIII, Chapter 4 explains, shapes and lines are a great way to
illustrate ideas. You can in effect doodle on the page and give readers another
insight into what you want to explain. In Word, however, drawing lines and
shapes is problematic unless you draw them on the drawing canvas.
The drawing canvas works like a corral to hold lines and shapes. After you
create a drawing canvas, you can draw inside it as though you were drawing
on a little page, as shown in Figure 6-5. You can treat the drawing canvas as
an object in its own right. You can move it, along with the things inside it,
to new locations. You can also, by way of the (Drawing Tools) Format tab,
give the drawing canvas an outline shape and fill color. The drawing canvas
makes working with objects on a page, especially lines and shapes, that
much easier.
Follow these steps to create a drawing canvas for holding lines and shapes:
1. Place the cursor roughly where you want the drawing canvas to be.
2. Go to the Insert tab.
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