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Working with Text Boxes
Book II
Chapter 6
Figure 6-8:
The Position
place an
object on
one part of
the page.
Working with Text Boxes
Put text in a text box when you want a notice or announcement to stand out
on the page. Like other objects, text boxes can be shaded, filled with color,
and given borders, as the examples in Figure 6-9 demonstrate. You can also
lay them over graphics to make for interesting effects. I removed the borders
and the fill color from the text box on the right side of Figure 6-9, but rest
assured, the text in this figure lies squarely in a text box. (Book VIII, Chapter
4 explains how to give borders, shading, and color to objects such as text
You can move a text box around at will on the page until it lands in the right
place. You can even use text boxes as columns and make text jump from one
text box to the next in a document — a nice feature, for example, when you
want a newsletter article on page 1 to be continued on page 2. Instead of
cutting and pasting text from page 1 to page 2, Word moves the text for you as
the column on page 1 fills up.
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