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Showing Online Video in a Document
Showing Online Video in a Document
When words and pictures don’t do the job, consider making video a part of
your document with the Online Video command. This command establishes
a link between your document and a video on the Internet. You see the first
frame of the video in the Word document. Clicking the Play button in this
frame opens a video viewer so you can play the video, as shown at the top
of Figure 6-14.
Figure 6-14:
video part
of a Word
To insert an online video in a document, go to the Insert tab and click the
Online Video button. The Insert Video dialog box appears. Use it to search
for an online video with the Bing search engine, search for an online video at
YouTube, or enter the video’s online address. As shown in Figure 6-14, the
search results window tells you how long each video is and gives you the
opportunity to preview a video by clicking the View Larger button.
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