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Commenting on a Document
To remove highlights, select the highlighted text, open the drop-down list
on the Text Highlight Color button, and choose No Color. Select the entire
document (press Ctrl+A) and choose No Color to remove all highlights from
a document.
Highlight marks are printed along with the text. To keep highlights from
being printed, go to the File tab, choose Options, visit the Display category
in the Word Options dialog box, and deselect the Show Highlighter Marks
check box.
Commenting on a Document
People collaborating on a document can write comments and in so doing
prove that two heads are better than one. Comments give you the
opportunity to suggest improvements, plead with your collaborators, debate your
editor, and praise others, all in the interest of turning out a better document.
To enter and read comments, go to the Review tab, as shown in Figure 7-1.
These pages explain how to enter comments, examine comments, hide
and display comments, and do all else that pertains to commenting on a
Entering a comment
In my experience, Print Layout view is the best view for entering and reading
comments. Use these techniques to write comments:
Entering a comment: Select the word or sentence that you want to
comment on. Then, on the Review tab, click the New Comment button and
enter your comment in a balloon on the right side of the screen or the
Revision pane on the left side.
Commenting on a comment: Display the comment that needs
commentary in a balloon and click the button in the upper-right corner of the
balloon (see Figure 7-1). Space (and your name) appears in the balloon
so that you can write a comment about the comment. Collaborators can
discuss topics in this way.
Whether you enter and read comments in the Revisions pane on the left side
of the screen or balloons on the right side depends on your Show Markup
choice. Click the Show Markup button on the Review tab, choose Balloons,
and choose an option on the submenu to display comments in different
ways. See “Viewing and displaying comments,” the next topic in this chapter,
for details.
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