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Commenting on a Document
Each comment lists the name of the person who wrote it. If a comment you
wrote doesn’t list your name, go to the File tab, click Options, and enter your
user name in the General tab of the Word Options dialog box. Select the
Always Use These Values Regardless of Sign In to Office check box if you are
enrolled in Office 365 and you sign in to under a different name
than the one you entered.
Viewing and displaying comments
The makers of Word want you to be able to view comments when necessary
but shunt them aside when comments get in the way. To tell Word how to
display comments, go to the Review tab and choose an option on the Display
for Review drop-down list (see Figure 7-1):
Choose Simple Markup to keep comments from crowding the screen.
Then click the Show Comments button if necessary:
Show Comments button clicked. Comments appear in balloons on the
right side of the screen. Move the pointer over a comment to see
what it refers to on the page (see Figure 7-1).
Show Comments button not clicked . Comments are marked by icons
on the right side of the page. Click an icon to read a comment in a
balloon (see Figure 7-1).
Choose All Markup to see where all the comments are. Then click the
Show Markup button and choose an option on the drop-down list to
display comments:
Choose Balloons Show Revisions in Balloons (or Show Only Comments
and Formatting in Balloons) to show comments in balloons on the right
side of the screen.
Choose Balloons Show All Revisions Inline to show commenters’
initials in the text. You can move the pointer over a commenter’s initials to
read his or her comment in a pop-up box.
Choose No Markup to cease displaying comment icons or comments.
Caring for and feeding comments
Starting on the Review tab, here is a handful of tasks that deserve comment
(if you’ll pardon my little pun):
Editing a comment: Display the comment and edit its text. If you have
trouble finding the comment associated with highlighted text, right-click
the highlighted text and choose Edit Comment.
Going from comment to comment: Click the Previous or Next
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