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Tracking Changes to Documents
Displaying comments by a specific reviewer: Click the Show Markup
button, choose Specific People, and deselect All Reviewers on the
submenu. Then click the button again, choose Specific People, and choose
the name of a reviewer. To see all comments again, click the Show
Markup button and choose Specific People All Reviewers.
Deleting comments: Delete one, all, or some comments:
Deleting a comment: Select a comment and click the Delete button.
You can also right-click and choose Delete Comment.
Deleting all the comments in the document: Open the
dropdown list on the Delete button and choose Delete All Comments in
Book II
Chapter 7
Deleting comments made by one or two people: First, isolate
comments made by people whose comments you want to delete (see
“Displaying comments by a particular reviewer” earlier in this list).
Then open the drop-down list on the Delete button and choose
Delete All Comments Shown.
Marking a Comment as Done: Rather than delete a comment, you
can mark it as done to keep a record of it. Comments marked this way
are shown in gray text. To mark a comment as done, right-click it and
choose Mark Comment Done on the shortcut menu.
Tracking Changes to Documents
When many hands go into revising a document, figuring out who made
changes to what is impossible. What’s more, it’s impossible to tell what the
first draft looked like. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether the changes were
for good or ill. To help you keep track of changes to documents, Word offers
the Track Changes command. When this command is in effect:
Changes to a document are recorded in a different color, with one color
for each reviewer.
New text is underlined; deleted text is crossed out.
By moving the pointer over a change, you can read the name of the person
who made it as well as the words that were inserted or deleted. You can
see changes as well in the Reviewing pane. As you review changes, you can
accept or reject each change. You can also see the original document, a
copy with revisions, or the final copy simply by making a choice from the
Display for Review drop-down list on the Review tab.
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