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Tracking Changes to Documents
Marking changes when you forgot
to turn on change marks
Suppose that you write the first draft of a document and someone revises
it but that someone doesn’t track changes. How can you tell where changes
were made? For that matter, suppose that you get hold of a document, you
change it around without tracking changes, and now you want to see what
your editorial changes did to the original copy. I have good news: You can
compare documents to see the editorial changes that were made to them.
Word offers a command for comparing the original document to a revised
edition and another for comparing two different revised editions of the same
After you make the comparison, Word creates a third document similar to
the one shown in Figure 7-3. In the Source Document pane on the right side
of the window, you can see the documents you’re comparing. The Compared
Document pane, meanwhile, shows who made changes and what those
changes are.
Figure 7-3:
to see
were made.
Follow these steps to compare an original document to its revised copy or
two revised copies:
1. On the Review tab, click the Compare button.
You see a drop-down list (depending on the size of your screen, you may
have to choose Compare more than once to get to the drop-down list).
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