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Printing an Address on an Envelope
Book II
Chapter 7
Figure 7-5:
on an
3. Enter a name and address in the Delivery Address box (the address is
already there if you selected it in Step 1).
4. Enter your return address in the Return Address box, if you want.
5. Click the Omit check box if you don’t want your return address to
appear on the envelope.
6. Click the Options button, and in the Envelope Options dialog box,
tell Word what size your envelopes are and how your printer handles
Tell Word about your envelopes on the Envelope Options and Printing
Options tabs, and click OK:
Envelope Options tab: Choose an envelope size, a font for printing the
delivery and return address, and a position for the addresses. The
sample envelope in the Preview shows you what your position
settings do when the envelope is printed.
Printing Options tab: Choose a technique for feeding envelopes to
your printer. Consult the manual that came with your printer, select
one of the Feed Method boxes, click the Face Up or Face Down
option button, and open the Feed From drop-down list to tell Word
which printer tray the envelope is in or how you intend to stick the
envelope in your printer.
7. Click the Print button.
All that trouble just to print an address on an envelope!
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