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Churning Out Letters, Envelopes, and Labels for Mass Mailings
5. Click the Select Recipients button and choose an option on the
dropdown list to direct Word to your source file or the source of your
address and data information.
Earlier in this chapter, “Preparing the source file” explains what a source
file is. Your options are as follows:
Addresses from a Word table, Excel worksheet, Access database table,
or Access query: Choose Use an Existing List. You see the Select Data
Source dialog box. Locate the Word file, the Excel worksheet, or the
Access database, select it, and click Open.
If you select an Excel worksheet or Access database, you see the
Select Table dialog box. Select the worksheet, table, or query you
want and click the OK button.
Addresses from Microsoft Outlook: Choose Choose from Outlook
Contacts (Outlook must be your default e-mail program to get
addresses from Outlook). Then, in the Select Contacts dialog box,
choose Contacts and click OK. The Mail Merge Recipients dialog box
appears (skip to Step 7).
6. Click the Edit Recipient List button.
The Mail Merge Recipients dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 7-8.
Figure 7-8:
who gets
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