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Churning Out Letters, Envelopes, and Labels for Mass Mailings
If you’re editing your form letter and you need to see precisely where
the variable information you entered is located, click the Highlight
Merge Fields button. The variable information is highlighted in your
Envelopes: To position the address block correctly, you may have to
press the Enter key and tab keys to move it to the center of envelope.
If you don’t like the fonts or font sizes on the envelope, select an
address, go to the Home tab, and change fonts and font sizes there.
To enter a return address, click in the upper-left corner of the
envelope and enter it there.
Labels: Click the Update Labels button to enter all recipients’ labels
in the sample document.
Book II
Chapter 7
11. Click the Next Record and Previous Record buttons on the Mailings
tab to skip from recipient to recipient and make sure that you have
entered information correctly.
These buttons are located in the Preview Results group. The items you
see on-screen are the same form letters, envelopes, or labels you will see
when you have finished printing. (Click the Preview Results button if you
see field names rather than people’s names and addresses.)
If an item is incorrect, open the source file and correct it there. When you
save the source file, the correction is made in the sample document.
At last — you’re ready to print the form letters, envelopes, or labels. Take a
deep breath and keep reading.
Printing form letters, envelopes, and labels
After you have gone to the trouble to prepare the data file and merge it with
the document, you’re ready to print your form letters, envelopes, or labels.
Start by loading paper, envelopes, or sheets of labels in your printer:
Form letters: Form letters are easiest to print. Just put the paper in the
Envelopes: Not all printers are capable of printing envelopes one after
the other. Sorry, but you probably have to consult the dreary manual
that came with your printer to find out the correct way to load envelopes.
Labels: Load the label sheets in your printer.
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