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Churning Out Letters, Envelopes, and Labels for Mass Mailings
Now, to print the form letters, envelopes, or labels, save the material in a
new document or send it straight to the printer:
Saving in a new document: Click the Finish & Merge button and choose
Edit Individual Documents (or press Alt+Shift+N). You see the Merge to
New Document dialog box. Click OK. After Word creates the document,
save it and print it. You can go into the document and make changes
here and there before printing. In form letters, for example, you can
write a sentence or two in different letters to personalize them.
Printing right away: Click the Finish & Merge button and choose Print
Documents (or press Alt+Shift+M) to print the form letters, envelopes,
or labels without saving them in a document. Click OK in the Merge to
Printer dialog box and then negotiate the Print dialog box.
Save the form letters, labels, or envelopes in a new document if you intend
to print them at a future date or ink is running low on your printer and you
may have to print in two or more batches. Saving in a new document permits
you to generate the mass mailing without having to start all over again with
the merge process and all its tedium.
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