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Collapsing and Expanding Parts of a Document
Book II
Chapter 8
Figure 8-2:
and subtext
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Before you create your TOC, create a new section in which to put it and
number the pages in the new section with Roman numerals (Chapter 2 of
this mini-book explains sections and how to number pages). TOCs, including
the TOC in this topic, are usually numbered in this way. The first entry in the
TOC should cite page number 1. If you don’t heed my advice and create a
new section, the TOC will occupy the first few numbered pages of your
document, and the numbering scheme will be thrown off.
Creating a TOC
To create a table of contents, place the cursor where you want the TOC to
go, visit the References tab, and click the Table of Contents button. On the
drop-down list, choose one of Word’s automatic TOC options or choose
Insert Table of Contents to fashion a TOC on your own in the Table of
Contents dialog box. (See “Customizing a TOC,” later in this chapter, for
information about fashioning a TOC in the Table of Contents dialog box.)
Suppose that you want to copy a TOC to another document? To copy a TOC,
drag the pointer down its left margin to select it, and then press Ctrl+Shift+F9.
Next, use the Copy and Paste commands to copy the TOC to the other
document. Because Word gives the text of TOCs the Hyperlink character style,
you have to change the color of the text in the TOC (it’s blue) and remove the
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