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Collapsing and Expanding Parts of a Document
Changing the look of TOC entries: The Style dialog box you see when
you click the Modify button gives you the chance to choose new fonts,
character styles, and font sizes for TOC entries if you generated your
TOC from a template. Click the Modify button. Then, in the Style dialog
box, choose options to format the TOC style. For example, click the Bold
button to boldface TOC entries. (Chapter 3 of this mini-book explains
modifying styles.)
Figure 8-4:
a TOC’s
Marking oddball text for inclusion in the TOC
Table of contents entries can refer to a
particular place in a document, not just to headings
that have been assigned heading styles. For
example, you can include figure captions.
Use one of these techniques to mark an entry in
your document for inclusion in the TOC:
Click in the heading, figure caption, or
whatnot. Next, click the Add Text button on
the References tab and choose a TOC level
on the drop-down list (the Do Not Show in
Table of Contents option keeps text from
being included in the TOC). If you choose
Level 2, for example, the entry appears
with other second-level headings.
Click in a heading or text and press
Alt+Shift+O. Then, in the Mark Table of
Contents Entry dialog box, make sure that
the words you want to appear in the TOC
appear in the Entry text box (edit or enter
the words if need be), and make sure
that C (for Contents) appears in the Table
Identifier box. In the Level box, enter a
number to tell Word how to treat the entry
when you generate the table of contents.
For example, entering 1 tells Word to treat
the entry like a first-level heading and give
it top priority. A 3 places the entry with the
third-level headings. Finally, click the Mark
When you generate the table of contents, be
sure to include the oddball entries. To do that,
click the Options button in the Table of Contents
dialog box and, in the Table of Contents Options
dialog box (refer to Figure 8-4), select the Table
Entry Fields check box.
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