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Indexing a Document
Marking index items in the document
The first step in constructing an index is to mark index entries in your
document. Marking index items yourself is easier than it seems. After you open
the Mark Index Entry dialog box, it stays open so that you can scroll through
your document and make entries.
1. If you see a word or phrase in your document that you can use as a
main, top-level entry, select it; otherwise, place the cursor in the
paragraph or heading whose topic you want to include in the index.
You can save a little time by selecting a word, as I describe shortly.
2. On the References tab, click the Mark Entry button (or press
The Mark Index Entry dialog box appears. If you selected a word or
phrase, it appears in the Main Entry box.
3. Choose how you want to handle this index entry (refer to Figure 8-5 to
see the various ways to make index entries).
When you enter the text, don’t put a comma or period after it. Word
does that when it generates the index. The text that you enter appears in
your index.
Main Entry: If you’re entering a main, top-level entry, leave the text in
the Main Entry box (if it’s already there), type new text to describe
this entry, or edit the text that’s already there. Leave the Subentry
box blank.
Subentry: To create a subentry, enter text in the Subentry box. The
subentry text will appear in the index below the main entry text, so
make sure that some text is in the Main Entry box and that the
subentry text fits under the main entry.
Sub-subentry: A sub-subentry is the third level in the hierarchy. To
create a sub-subentry, type the subentry in the Subentry box, enter a
colon (:), and type the sub-subentry without entering a space, like so:
religious observances:shaman .
4. Decide how to handle the page reference in the entry.
Again, your choices are many:
Cross-reference: To go without a page reference and refer the reader
to another index entry, click the Cross-Reference option button and
type the other entry in the text box after the word See. What you
type here appears in your index, so be sure that the topic you refer
the reader to is really named in your index.
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