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Compiling a Bibliography
Editing a citation
Use one of these techniques to edit a citation:
Open the citation’s inline drop-down list (refer to Figure 8-10) and
choose Edit Source. You see the Edit Source dialog box, where you can
edit the citation.
Click the Manage Sources button on the References tab. The Source
Manager dialog box appears. Select the citation, click the Edit button,
and change around the citation in the Edit Source dialog box.
Changing how citations appear in text
Citations appear in text enclosed in parentheses. Use one of these
techniques to change how a citation appears in the text of your document:
Book II
Chapter 8
Changing what’s in parentheses: Open the citation’s drop-down list
and choose Edit Citation (refer to Figure 8-10). You see the Edit Citation
dialog box. To suppress the author’s name, year, or title from appearing
inside parentheses, click the Author, Year, or Title check box (whether
the citation in parentheses lists the author, year, or title depends on
which citation style you choose). To make page numbers appear with
the citation, enter page numbers in the Pages box.
Removing the in-text citation: Swipe over the citation to select it and
press Delete. Removing an in-text citation this way does not prevent the
citation from appearing in the bibliography.
Generating the bibliography
Go to the References tab and follow these steps to generate your bibliography:
1. Click in your document where you want the bibliography to appear.
Probably that place is toward the end of the document.
2. On the References tab, open the Style drop-down list and choose a
If you’re generating your bibliography for a paper you will submit to a
journal or institution, ask the editors which style they prefer for
bibliographies and choose that style from the list.
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